Small UMID MBook compendium

Everything about the UMID MBook M1 and the MBook BZ (UMID M2), including OEM versions like Sagem Spiga, Kohjinsha PM, Onkyo BX and so on.
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Small UMID MBook compendium

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Well there are several OEM Versions of the 2 MBook models, so i thought I'd introduce the variants i know...

UMID MBook M1:

- UMID MBook M1 (The original. See blow for more discussion about the M1)
- UMID MBook M1 Limited Edition Pink (Well Pink color. CPU downgraded to Atom Z515)
- Sagem Spiga (Neat 3G enabled variant of the M1)
- Kohjinsha PM ( pm1wx16sa to be precise. Japanese keyboard, Z515 1.10 GHz. No 3G)

UMID Mbook BZ:

- UMID MBook BZ (The Original. Atom Z515 1.2GHz, 512MB RAM)
- UMID MBook SE (Atom Z530 1.6GHz and 2800 mAh battery instead of 2600 mAh, 1GB RAM, 802.11 b/g/n wifi)
- Onkyo BX (Actually BX 407A4. Just a branded BZ with Japanese keyboard)

There were loads of different specs and colors available for the M1. The original was introduced in White. Then a black version as announced. Then a black version with bigger SSD (32GB) was announced, then a white version with 1.1GHz was announced, then a red and a pink version were introduced. In the end there were so many variations that i really lost track about which version and color has which processor, speed and SSD size. Not even going into detail which one comes with 3G. Only the OEM versions seem to have always the same specs and color. I have never seen the red version in the wild.
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