UMID MBook M1 flaws

Everything about the UMID MBook M1 and the MBook BZ (UMID M2), including OEM versions like Sagem Spiga, Kohjinsha PM, Onkyo BX and so on.
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UMID MBook M1 flaws

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OK so here's some ranting about the M1...

- Battery killer. Yeah even when shut down properly the MBook M1 (and all OEM variants) consume some battery. Yeah totally legit, but the MBook M1 does not have any mechanism to prevent a deep discharge. That means if you leave your M1 unattended in the shelf for a few months then it most likely killed the battery due to deep discharge. No trick here but to replace the cells - which isn't exactly what I'd call "easy".

- No Mouse stick. Touch screen or die. So no proper right mouse button for you and such. Especially for some games that can really suck. You can remap the RMB with some tools but after all is said and done - Windows XP is not really an operating system made for touch screens.

- Most versions (Pardon the Spiga) don't have 3G which makes them less useful on the run.
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