Help... Looking for a 386 or 486 DOS AA palmtop to do all this:

Everything about vintage DOS based Palmtops goes in here...
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Re: Help... Looking for a 386 or 486 DOS AA palmtop to do all this:

Post by Kingeorg »

You are so true, and I agree 99.5%
I like your comparison with old cars, it is very accurate, because it related to feelings more than raw power...
I do kind of collect old PCs, but I try to be as cheap as possible (to justify the urge perhaps), so I think I'll pass on the Wibrain, and I don't think it's ugly, I actually like the square-looking design.

True about the "Pocket Computers", they are very limited, but I think I'll give it a try, mainly for entertaining myself entering maybe one line of code per week and feel I am actually "learning to code". Also (and I know you will understand this), I like the feeling of monochrome LCD and, dot matrix characters (being able to see the pixels feels like seeing the root/source of whatever can be built upon afterwards) Sorry, I'm a Philosopher ... All this powered by simple AA batteries. Maybe I should start a topic about this "pleasure" :)

Anyway, thanks again for your informative, honest and funny opinion. And please consider me your friend, after all you can't be a bad person if in 2018 you still like DOS, CGA and visible pixel characters... ;)

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Re: Help... Looking for a 386 or 486 DOS AA palmtop to do all this:

Post by Kyodai »

Hehe, so what were the remaining 0.5%?

Yeah collecting old computers doesn't have much to do about "usefulness" - more about passion...

But i still use my HP 200LX nearly every day. Love it since it fits into my jacket pocket. I still do all my accounting calculations with the included "Pocket Quicken" which is still great (Even though you can't synchronize via wifi or so). And yeah for taking notes at work it's also great, so i have all my passwords, server names, IP Addresses and such stored in there.

The WIbrain is kinda cool because it's so "different". But yeah regarding the collector value i wouldn't really "recommend" it unless you "really have to get EVERYTHING for your collection". After all is said and done it is quite slow, bulky and far from being "ergonomic". If you really wanna give an UMPC a try then I'd recommend the Sony UX or (If you need a "usable" keyboard) then maybe the Fujitsu U810 or U1010. These are quite affordable, more powerfull (Hello GTA III!) and thus suitable for serious computing tasks.

Maybe my main problem with the pocket PCs is that i can already program very well - if there's any "problem" at work then I'm usually the one programming an application to solve it.

I do love how you can use BASIC, C and even Assembler at the Sharp Pocket PC - however i just lack the phantasy to imagine any program i could create on that machine that would be somehwat useful or at least entertaining. OK I've seen some Video poker from a Japanese programmer - with even some neat manga character graphics. I wouldn't be surprised if there was even some kinda Doom clone on it. But in the end of the day i prefer making stuff for DOS and CGA.

OK usually just some trolling stuff - like my GTA IV version for the HP 200LX:

Feel free to make a topic about the Pocket Computers.

And yeah consider me a friend, too. We vintage computer geeks should definitely rule the world together. :D
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