Solar powered laptops

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Solar powered laptops

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This is such an overlooked topic, so i wanna write a new blog post about it when i got some time.

I must admit I don't like the WEWI SOL so much...


Generally the design is not bad but some points i really dislike about it:

- The solar panels are "detachable". Best possibility to lose or forget them somewhere.
- Pretty big. Nothing against 14 inch laptops, but if you fold out the solar panel it becomes a gigantic base camp.
- Heavy. With the solar panel (Why would anyone wanna detach it anyways?) and battery it's over 6 pounds.
- The promised "rugged" and "waterproof" case is just cheap plastic with some "rugged look" greebles glued to it.
- Price shocker. It was announced for 300 Dollars- The only reseller - CDW - charges 600 dollars for the cheapest model

Needless to say that the laptop has been discontinued - even though the manufacturers website still tries to link you to CDW - who took it out of their webshop a while ago.

The Samsung NP-NC215 is already closer to a "good" solar notebook, being cheaper (400 USD), much smaller (10 inch screen) and lighter (Under 3 pounds).


Obviously the charging is weaker than the SOL with it's 4 solar panels, but it already comes closer to my idea of the perfect Solar Laptop. I will go more in detail in my upcoming blog post...

Not considered here is the "iUnika Gyy" because there's no proof that it was ever produced or released, so most probably vaporware...

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