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Well I have always been fascinated by these tiny cars commonly known as "Microcars" (WHich is actually a brand name) since i saw a video of the legendary Peel P-50.

So imma make a list here to keep track of the models I find interesting.

Most of these are rare and/or classics. I don't like most of the modern ones like "ligier" "aixam" and so on. For me the perfect one looks unique and is pretty small.

Also i like common engines, but I'd make an exception for the Renault Twizzy which i find uber-cool. WHat keeps me from buying one is that you need to sign a contract to rent the batteries.


- Peel P50 (Incredibly expensive)
- Mini Comtesse (There are several models but all are pretty cute)
- Scootacar (also several models, some are even pre-WWII i think)
- Messerschmitt Kabinenroller (Also expensive German classic)
- Isetta (DOn't care if BMW or italian model)
- Spatz / Victoria 250
- Inter 175 A Berline (Probably incredibly expensive. Interesting engine)
- S.E.A.B Flipper (Exotic design)
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