Memorex Commuter Computer

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Memorex Commuter Computer

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First of all, thanks to all who contribute to the site. It's truly valuable information!

A quick note about performance of the Memorex Commuter Computer. I validated that the CPU runs at the expected speeds (4.77 and 7.16) using the benchmark app version 1.20 from Chips and Technologies in 1986.

The slowness of the computer happens when the display is updated. Of course, that means most apps will be slow. But for compute-bound apps the performance of this machine is as expected.
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Re: Memorex Commuter Computer

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Thanks for sharing the info.
Glad to see someone else posting here this year.

How do you like the Commuter?

I recently received a Tidalwave PS-1000 and Sharp PC 3100. Trying to get sram cards working in them so I can copy files over from my laptop....


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