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New Database

Post by Kyodai »

So i finally made a small database that shows the DOS Palmtops in a nice grid. Advantage of a real database is the sorting capabilities.

Here's the basic table:

Thinnest Palmtops:

Fastest Palmtops:

There are some flaws! The price is a bit difficult to judge. I wanted to have it in USD so they are somewhat comparable. For Japanese models i took the release price and tried to convert it to USD from ancient currency exchange tables. This is "somewhat" accurate, but Yen-to-USD rate changed so quickly, so like 79.000 Yen would be worth much more or less in USD a month later while for Japanese it always stayed the same, making this somewhat inaccurate. Also keep in mind that 1.000 USD in 1989 were worth much more than 1.000 USD in 1997 or today. Even worse if you consider collectors prices. Some prices were just estimates since i couldn't find any quote at all. Some palmtops were even offered for reduced prices a few months later.

Another inaccuracy is the weight. Usually it is "including batteries", but some sources didn't specify it at all or only featured a weight without batteries. Some are measured with a PCMCIA HDD included. One day imma put all Palmtops on the kitchen scale, making bullet proof weight measurements, but for now it's a bit inaccurate in some cases.

Release date is even worse. For some palmtops i could only get the "year" while i can pin down Japanese NEC models to the exact day. SOme sources even varied, like one naming a palmtop to be released "in 1992" while another one claim 1991. Some say like "released may 1991", others "March 1991".

Memory is also difficult since some palmtops were released under the same model name with different options - one with 1MB RAM, one with 2MB RAM. If in doubt i always took the lower value.
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