Aigo, its OEM variants and their problems...

Everything about the famous Aigo MID UMPCs
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Aigo, its OEM variants and their problems...

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Well so there have been so many Aigo MID variants and OEM versions that it has always been confusing. I haven't managed to tell the difference between all of them, but we gotta start somewhere, so here's what i know...

OK at first - the Aigo is actually the OEM version (The actual manufacturer behind it is Compal), so the "Original" device would be properly called "Compal Jax10". But Aigo is much more popular and it's the name that stuck for these little beasts, so I will call them Aigo. The later Versions seem to be called "Nax13". Don't ask me for details...

They were often sold as having "4 GB" SSD. In reality the "4GB Versions" actually have 2 drives of 2GB each. Sounds like I am nitpicking, but if you try to install an operating system that requires like 3GB space then that means "3 GB on ONE drive", so it often is a problem.

Standard for all AIgos seems to be 2 x 2GB SSD, 512MB RAM, Bluetooth, wifi, 800 x 480 Touch screen and 3G/GPS. So i will only note it down in the list below if the configuration is different from this standard.

Aigo P8860 - no 3G
Aigo P8861 - 8GB SSD, no 3G
Aigo P8861H - 8GB SSD, 3G
Aigo P8880 - 8GB SSD, 3G
Aigo P8880E - 8GB SSD, EVDO 3G, Windows XP
Aigo P8880T - 8GB SSD, HSDPA 3G, Windows XP
Aigo P8888 - CDMA 3G
Aigo P8888W - HSDPA/UMTS 3G (The "W" stands for "World" since this is supposed to cover all 3G standards)
Aigo P8895 - Seems they changed the name to P8888W

Compal Jax10 - Same as Aigo P8860 just no branding ("Compal") was only released to developers

Gigabyte M528 - HSDPA 3G

SFR M! PC Pocket - 3G, French Keyboard and French Linux

Itelco IDOL - HSDPA 3G, Italian Linux. Idol stands for "Internet Device On Linux". Clever.

Alice Mobile MID IDOL - HSDPA 3G, Italian Linux


- I never saw the wifi driver working under Windows XP. They use a Marvell SDIO 8686 as wifi, but all drivers i tried seem to conflict with SDBUS.SYS or simply don't work.

- The "IDOL" versions (And prolly also the French one) seem to have a somewhat different keyboard wiring. At first that sounds unimpressive, eh? But the problem is that with the original BIOS (Tried with Itelco) the keyboard works fine, but I couldn't get the touchscreen to work under Windows XP. With an Aigo BIOS the Touchscreen works fine, but they keyboard layout is screwed up - which is especially annoying since stuff like "FN" key and "Tab" are mixed up and you can't remap the FN key in Windows. The normal characters (A to Z) can be remapped fine, but some stuff like enter key, tab and so on will be pretty screwed up. So in a nutshell you will have to decide between a working Touchscreen and a properly working keyboard.
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