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About this machine:

Although many people believed the ZEOS Pocket PC was a miracle handcrafted by the U.S. ZEOS company it actually just is yet another Titalwave PS-1000 OEM edition. However - at least in North America this may be one of the best known DOS based palmtops besides the HP series and the Portfolio as it was marketed and distributed quite aggressively and at the time at a quite reasonable price from a quite well known company. Like all Tidalwave PS-1000 clones it is quite big and heavy and does not have the best firmware/BIOS but at least it comes with MS Works.


CPU: NEC V30 @ 7.15 MHz
Graphics: Monochrome CGA, 80 x 25 character text mode, CGA 2 color monochrome graphics mode
Display: 640 x 200 monochrome Supertwist LCD , 4 grey scales, 7.2 inch
Memory (RAM): 1 MB
ROM (Software): 1.5 MB
I/O ports: RS232 Serial (proprietary cable was included accessory), PCMCIA 1.0 Type I slot, Parallel port (proprietary cable included)
Sound: PC Speaker - Piezo
Operating System: MS-DOS 5.0
Software: MS Works 2.0, RacePen PIM (File manager, scheduler, phone book, etc), Microsoft QBasic
Size: Length 11.5 cm, Width 24.5 cm, Height 2.5 cm (4.5 inches x 9.7 inches x 1 inch)
Powered by: 2 AA batteries - rechargable or non-rechargable or AC adaptor (optional accessory), CR2032 Lithium button cell as memory backup
Weight: 590 gram (21 ounces) including 2 standard AA and CR2032 batteries
Special features: None
Released: June 1992
Originally retailed for:: 595 USD
Clone of: Tidalwave PS-1000
Similar models: Tidalwave PS-1000, Highscreen Handy Organizer and all other clones

- Fully CGA compliant, so most CGA based DOS appz and games work
- Excellent keyboard
- Usually available for rather small amounts of money on ebay

- No support for flash cards
- Not really the smallest Palmtop ever
- Power management is rather average
- No way to boot a different OS and no way to bypass loading the drivers for cards and keyboard

Collector Value:
5 of 10

Usage Value:
7 of 10

Although quite beloved by some collectors this one is one of the least rare palmtops out there and also not really unique. Still there is some demand for these by collectors simply as it is well known.

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