DOS Palmtop: Teleart PocketLyte (?)Pocket PC Details and specs

Teleart PocketLyte (?)

About this machine:

I really got no clue about this one. Not even sure if this is the "Pocket-Lyte", but it definitely is from Tele-Art and it is a DOS palmtop. It appeared on some russian auction site and needless to say there was no way to get it. Barely anything is known about this one. Old news articles from the 1990s existed from which I got the specs, but regarding the built-in 3.5 inch floppy i really doubt the 10 ounce weight advertised. Most specs are unknown. Only appeared once on a russian auction site and I'm not even sure this is the "Pocket-Lyte" - it doesn't look so "lyte". But at least it is definitely from Tele-Art.


CPU: NEC 80c88 @ 14.3 MHz
Graphics: "Probably" Monochrome CGA, 80 x 25 character text mode, CGA 2 color monochrome graphics mode
Display: "Probably" 640 x 200 monochrome Supertwist LCD , 4 grey scales, 7.2 inch
Memory (RAM): 1 MB
ROM (Software): "Probably" 1.5 MB
I/O ports: At least one Type 2 PCMCIA slot. Probably serial and parallel ports?
Sound: "Probably" PC Speaker - Piezo
Operating System: MS-DOS 5.0
Software: MS-Works 2.0, InterLink, Bitfax, PIM
Size: .72 x 3.6 x 6.6 (inch)
Powered by: Unknown
Weight: 10.2 ounces (unconfirmed, seems too light)
Special features: built-in 3.5 inch floppy drive?
Released: Unknown (Sources say around August 1994)
Originally retailed for:: unknown
Clone of: probably none
Similar models: none

Collector Value:
10 of 10

Usage Value:

Looks interesting. Nothing like any palmtop in my collection. Wish I could say more about it but not even a clue if the pictured device is the "Pocket-Lyte" or if there are more of these from Tele-Art.

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