Software for DOS based palmtop PCs

This is just some software that is cool or useful for DOS based palmtop computers. Some stuff is programmed by me, other stuff is just something i found on the web.

Short Circuit Movie Scene Wanna play full screen video on your palmtop? This is a short scene from the movie "Short Circuit".

Fake Windows XP Made so it looks like you are booting Windows XP. Just a joke.

Flash Disk driver. This was originally only for sundisk flash cards but has been modified to ignore the manufacturer. Really useful for the Tidalwave and Sharp Palmtops if you wanna use Flash based PCMCIA storage cards.

SHSUCDX This is a suite of CD-ROM tools for DOS which is not just a replacement for MSCDEX but also contains useful stuff like CD Emulation. So you can make a virtual CD-ROM from your iso files under DOS.

Tidalwave tools. Switch CPU speed, turn off serial port, turn off power management etc. Made by a German guy for the Highscreen version, but obviously work for all Tidalwave PS-1000 clones, maybe partially even for other machines.

Loads of useful and entertaining software can be found on the SUPER page. These programs were originally intended for the HP 100LX/200LX but they usually also run fine on other machines.
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