DOS Palmtop: NEC MobileGear MC-K1 Details and specs

NEC MobileGear MC-K1

About this machine:

Actually this is the small brother of the NEC MC-MK11. So what's the difference betwenn the two? They forgot the "M" in the model name. It is often mistakenly called "MC-MK1", but "MC-K1" is actually correct. No seriously - the MC-K1 was the very first model of the quite successful MobileGear series. The body plastic is dark blue instead of the black the later models came in. Ironically it is the fastest model of the series, but it has the worst power saving, effectively offering half the battery life of the successor MC-MK11 which underclocked the processor.


CPU: 80486SL @ 25 MHz
Graphics: Monochrome - "nearly CGA", some CGA appz work with a special emulation driver
Display: 640 x 240 monochrome STN LCD , 4 grey scales, 7.3 inch
Memory (RAM): 640 KB
ROM (Software): 2 MB (Estimation, probably more since loads of appz are included.)
I/O ports: RS232 Serial, 1 x PCMCIA 2.0 Type II slot
Sound: PC Speaker - Piezo
Operating System: MS-DOS 6.2
Software: FAX transmission, PC Sync, word processor, spreadsheet, address book, scheduler, clock, calculator, dictionary , memo, search, configuration tools, etc.
Size: Length 12.2 cm, Width 24.5 cm, Height 2.45 cm ( 4.5 x 9.25 x 1.25 inch)
Powered by: 2 AA batteries - rechargable or non-rechargable or AC adaptor (optional accessory), CR2032 Lithium button cell as memory backup
Weight: 550 gram (20 ounces) including 2 standard AA and CR2032 batteries
Special features: Built-in modem, infrared
Released: April 1996
Originally retailed for:: 78,000 Yen
Clone of: Not a clone, predecessor to the other MC-MK models
Similar models: NEC MC-MK11, NEC MC-MK32

- Really nice keyboard
- Really fast Processor
- Built-in modem

- Pretty incompatible graphics mode
- Power management is terrible.

Collector Value:
8 of 10

Usage Value:
2 of 10

Cool specs, but the incompatible graphics and the Japanese software make it rather useless, even though it's a nice collector's piece. Pretty rare since at the same day NEC released the MC-MK12 which is the same model with more RAM (2MB) and features for just 9000 Yen (around 90 USD) more, so most people probably got the better model.

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