DOS Subnotebook: Lexmark Lexbook MB15 Details and specs

Lexmark Lexbook MB15

About this machine:

Lexmark is rather known for their printers, but yeah many years ago you could actually buy laptops from them. The Lexmark Lexbook MB15 is pretty similar to the Bicom models. At least from the look and feel it is not a clone, but from the dimensions and specs it is very close. It was originally announced as the Lexmark "MiniBook" but they later changed the name to "LexBook". The "MB" probably still originates from the term "MiniBook". What is really unique about this one is the Disney Sound Source - besides the IBM PC-110 probably the only model in this list to actually feature a real sound card.


CPU: Chips and Technology F8680 @ 10MHz
Graphics: Monochrome CGA (Doublescan), 80 x 25 character text mode, CGA 2 color monochrome graphics mode
Display: 640 x 400 monochrome Supertwist LCD , 16 grey scales, 8.25 inch
Memory (RAM): 2 MB
ROM (Software): 2 MB
I/O ports: Full size RS232 Serial and parallel ports, 2 x PCMCIA 2.0 Type II Slot
Sound: PC Speaker - Piezo
Operating System: MS-DOS 5.0
Software: Ability Plus 2.15 (British office solution), Interlink
Size: Length 26 cm, Width 15.7 cm, Height 2.9 cm (10.25 inches x 6.2 inches x 1.15 inch)
Powered by: 6 AA batteries - rechargable or non-rechargable or AC adaptor (optional accessory), CR2032 Lithium button cell as memory backup
Weight: 1020 gram (36 ounces)
Special features: Disney Sound Source with earphone jack, volume control and built-in Speaker, Built-in 9600 BAUD modem, MouseKey
Released: February 1994
Originally retailed for:: ??? USD
Clone of: Not a clone.
Similar models: Highscreen A5-PC, ABC Bicom 260i, Lexbook MB10

- Fully CGA compliant, so most CGA based DOS appz and games work
- Excellent keyboard
- Full size Serial and parallel ports
- PCMCIA 2.0 Type II, so loads of Cards work
- 286 processor, so more Software works than on the 8086 palmtops
- Finally a sound card for you

- Too big for a palmtop, think of it as one of the first subnotebooks
- 286 not suitable for Windows 3.1 in enhanced mode
- Power management is quite okay.
- Just CGA seems inappropriate for this size of Screen and Laptop

Collector Value:
9 of 10

Usage Value:
8 of 10

Pretty rare and pretty unique. Actually one of the better subnotebook designs. Power management is quite ok - around 10 hours from the 6 batteries.

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