DOS Palmtop: Lexicomp Gradebook 2000 (EGS) Details and specs

Lexicomp Gradebook 2000 (EGS)

About this machine:

The Lexicomp Gradebook 2000 (EGS) is merely more than a relabeled LC8600, but with the cool modem of the 8620 and (unfortunately) without the cool Kittyhawk HDD. I guess it was only sold to teachers to use it as an electronic Gradebook, since it comes with that rather crude gradebook system that relies on an SRAM card in the PCMCIA slot to store the students grades. On the right side it reads "EGS" which probably means Electronic Gradebook System. I doubt this was a best seller because compared to a 50 cent standard paper gradebook i don't see many advantages, so it probably also wasn't really a top selling product. On the bottom there is a hatch where you can access some EPROMs and dip switches, but i haven't really played with that. While it DOES come with sdpdrv.sys which WOULD allow using Flash based cards that driver is commented out in config.sys. So the only realistic chance to use flash cards is to either boot with a proper system or config from an SRAM PCMCIA card or to use something like DEVLOD to load the driver after system boot.


CPU: F8680A @ 7/14 MHz (Standard/Turbo)
Graphics: Monochrome CGA, 80 x 25 character text mode, CGA 2 color monochrome graphics mode
Display: 640 x 200 monochrome Supertwist LCD , 4 grey scales, 7.2 inch
Memory (RAM): 2 MB (Maybe also available with 1MB)
ROM (Software): 1 MB
I/O ports: RS232 Serial, 1 x Parallel, 1 x PCMCIA Type II slot, 2400/9600 fax modem
Sound: PC Speaker - Piezo
Operating System: MS-DOS 5.0
Software: MS WORKS and some proprietary gradebook software..
Size: Length 11.8 cm, Width 22.8 cm, Height 3.2 cm
Powered by: 3 AA batteries - rechargable or non-rechargable or AC adaptor (optional accessory), CR2025 Lithium button cell as memory backup
Weight: 765 gram including batteries
Special features: Full sized parallel and serial ports. Can boot from PCMCIA. User accessible slot for changing ROMs (EPROMs?).
Released: 1993
Originally retailed for:: Unknown
Clone of: Not a clone
Similar models: Lexicomp LC-8620, Lexicomp LC-8600

- Full size serial and parallel port
- Fully CGA compliant, so most CGA based DOS appz and games work
- Excellent keyboard
- Can boot from PCMCIA (At least SRAM)
- Screen can be inverted

- Not really the smallest Palmtop ever
- Power management is rather average
- Only one PCMCIA slot
- Lacks the cool harddisk that made the other Lexicomp models rather unique

Collector Value:
9 of 10

Usage Value:
6 of 10

Pretty nice collectors piece, but because it lacks the harddisk the other lexicomp have it is just an oversized bulky palmtop with not many special features. That it can boot from PCMCIA is still nice, the modem is kinda neat (but pretty useless today), but from the Lexicomp models this is for sure the least impressive model.

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