DOS Palmtop: ASI Pocket Personal computer Details and specs

ASI Pocket Personal computer

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About this machine:

The ASI Pocket Personal computer (if its a clone of the Memorex or vice-versa is unknown) would probably have made it to the top of my list of my favorite DOS-based palmtop PCs if it wasn't for some flaws that can be annoying. The ASI Pocket Personal computer is identical to the Memorex Commuter Computer. If you want to know more details then check out the Memorex page. The ASI is the same just a different branded model. Seems ASI was one of these companies that got bought and sold so often that it is hard to keep track on them. In the early 1990s they were merged/married/widowed with old eastern German Robotron. ASI originally meant "Aquarius Systems International". Aquarius seems to have been a Taiwanese company, they also bought or merged with a korean company and so on and so on. In the end i guess the ASI Pocket Personal computer comes somewhere from Taiwan. The name "ASI" is far from original, so if you search a bit you come up with Canadian, Australian and American companies that have nothing to do with it. The eastern german Factory was eventually sold to Fujitsu and whoever bought it after that. Like the Memorex the ASI Pocket personal Computer is a bit slow.


CPU: 80C88-8 (CMOS) @ 4.77Mhz(default) or 7.16Mhz (Turbo mode)
Graphics: Monochrome CGA, 80 x 25 character text mode, CGA 2 color monochrome graphics mode
Display: 640 x 200 monochrome Supertwist LCD , 4 grey scales, 7.2 inch
Memory (RAM): 640 KB
ROM (Software): 640 KB
I/O ports: RS232 Serial, PCMCIA 1.0 Type I slot, Parallel port, 20 Pin Mini D-Sub Connector (Floppy)
Sound: PC Speaker - Piezo
Operating System: DR-DOS 6.0
Software: Just some VERY basic PIM software.
Size: Length 11.0 cm, Width 27.3 cm, Height 2.9 cm
Powered by: 4 AA batteries - rechargable or non-rechargable or AC adaptor (optional accessory), CR2025 Lithium button cell as memory backup
Weight: 580 gram (21 ounces) without batteries
Special features: Full sized parallel and serial ports. Can use full 640 KB as RAM or 512 KB + 128 KB RAM Disk
Released: February 1992
Originally retailed for:: 649 DM (Estimate)
Clone of: Unknown (We regard Memorex as the original), several clones exist. Probably taiwanese OEM manufacturer
Similar models: Memorex Commuter Computer, Super Mini Pocket Personal Computer

- Full size serial and parallel port
- Fully CGA compliant, so most CGA based DOS appz and games work
- Excellent keyboard

- PCMCIA Type I won't let you access any flash cards
- Not really the smallest Palmtop ever
- Power management is rather average
- Slow performance
- Small Memory
- Only one PCMCIA slot

Collector Value:
8 of 10

Usage Value:
7 of 10

A German Memorex clone. If you don't care about speed and want full size ports you can give it a usability value of 10/10.

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